The brand name TELA originates from the weave of woven fabrics; its characteristic feature is the simplicity of construction, which implies a texture. TELA in Italian is a feminine noun and feminine is also the product mission: feminine and minimal at first sight but a research product as well. The plain weave cloth is a fabric without cloth back, it has got always the same aspect, it is exactly as you see it and this makes you think to a direct product, I would even say genuine, which arises from good taste rather than being conceptual. Nevertheless TELA in Italian is also the canvas of a painting, of a picture and as such, is also the expression of a mood, of a feeling and of an art. TELA is equivalent to a new project as the concept of a book to a writer, as well as a canvas to a painter. This does not mean that the project is anonymous nor generic but that it expresses its potentiality

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